“All Museums are haunted by the ghosts of the powerful and the wealthy and on the whole we visit them to walk with the ghosts” — John Berger

A Zoom through the Mus. (A visit to Columbus Museum of Art)

A Visit of shorten proportions
Ran through the museum fortified
with hot pack, cold packs
Vitamins A to Zinc,

we arrived when electricity finally
powered off. No ones fault, but
fault lines.

Ran through and viewed fast,
on the outside it was a walked-in
path. Positioned sculptures. We
are guest pulled-in by positioned
guides. Hurry us along, pulled us
as if we’re stone. Pulled us this way
or that way-we were the itinerary on display.



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Brandon Thompson

Brandon Thompson

I’m a self proclaimed poet and writer on philosophy, innocence, and culture. I enjoy nature and walking through parks during my free time.